Dear Friends,

Greetings from Human Care Welfare Foundation, New Delhi


At the outset, we thank you for showing interest in our Endeavor of promoting Craft to support Craft Persons. I am sure your purpose of knowing more about us is somewhere related to collecting information on our work, interest and specializations and to see whether we meet your objectivity of mutual interest and learning.


It all starts with a very humble way back in year 2012. After working in textile and handicraft export and manufacturing industry, I realized the urgent need to work for handicraft persons, artisans, their family members and depending groups & communities. We observed that there was a set of challenges each handicraft person & artisan is facing in day today life. On one hand, there was a challenge to manage the livelihood [feeding children] and on the other there was a requirement of continuous social life & skills empowerment for adding values in life and work space to make the best fit presence to the available market.


We started initially with a very basic work of life education programme which is more of collecting handicraft persons, artisans and their family members, preparing statistics, skills set mapping, doing demographical classifications, psychology and attitude and educating them in group on quality of life and valuable working opportunity. This work in subsequent year further added different dimensions on gap analysis like entrepreneurial skills, sanitation, cleanliness, environmental, health, ethical & responsible citizen, skill development, training. All this work finally helped in launching our NGO a flagship programme called Social Up-liftment & Life Skills Empowerment (SOUL) Programme.


We are pleased to inform you that so far as, we have worked using our structured SOUL programme approach with around 5000 plus artists / craftsmen, their family members & children at large in India. We are strongly working in changing life of craft people in Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarkhand.


To work now more closely to International fraternity recently we have opened offices in Countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, and South Africa etc. We are very fortunate that people from eminent background and social arena are joined us as county head and helping us in meeting our objective of serving the unprivileged. Soon we are going to start international exchange and India outreach programmer for other countries craft person.


Our idea while starting this mission was to form a big and unique family of people of all walks of life who are willing to extend support and touch life of people who lived with arts and die so that art will remain alive.


We once again welcome you and look forward to have valuable association of better tomorrow.


With best regards.


Riyas Ahmed

President, HCWF

New Delhi

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